Turf Care

Turf Care

Speargrass Golf Course Turf Care Mission Statement:
To provide championship playing conditions at incredible value to our golfing clientele. Conditions worthy of being named one of the premier public courses in the Calgary area.

Architect: Gary Browning
Year Opened: 2003
Yardage/Par: 6709
Par: 72
Greens: Creeping Bentgrass
Tees/Fairways/Rough: Kentucky Bluegrass
Natural Rough: The trademark Speargrass!
Height of Cut Greens: .125”
Height of Cut Tees: .500”
Height of Cut Fairways: .500”
Height of Cut Roughs: 2.00”

About The Turf Care Team
At Speargrass, there are usually 11-14 seasonal staff employed between March and November. The team is a tight knit group, made up of men and women between the ages of 17 and 70! We come from a diverse range of backgrounds, from students looking for summer work to individuals looking to make the Turfgrass Industry their career, or even retirees looking for relaxing outdoor work to keep them busy!

In addition to the seasonal staff, there are three full-time people at the course. First is the Superintendent, who oversees all operations out on the golf course. The Superintendents job ranges wildly from record keeping, budgeting, safety administration and human resources to the trades like mechanics, plumbing, electrical, and carpentry. Did you know that to become a Golf Course Superintendent you need to at minimum have a two year college diploma in Turfgrass Management?

Along with the Superintendent there is an Assistant Superintendent, providing supervision to the staff, as well as performing many of the day to day duties required on the course. The Assistant Superintendent needs to be very adaptable to the changing needs of the golf course.

As well, we have a full time mechanic to keep our fleet of 75 golf carts and many pieces of turf equipment running safely and efficiently. The mechanic is an integral part of the team. There are many daily adjustments which must be performed on the cutting equipment to keep the golf course looking and playing great.

Golf course work is not for everyone, and as such all of these individuals are hand chosen to be a part of the Turf Care team. Maybe you’re wondering if this line of work could possibly be for you? Well, would you like to be part of an important and highly organized team? Does the thought of working outdoors, starting at sunrise and ending in the early afternoon appeal to you? How are you with detail-oriented work? Does free golf in your off time sound like a good plan to you? Have we piqued your interest? Then contact us today and become a member of the Speargrass Turf Care Team!